Gary has written books on the paranormal, appeared on television shows and movies, and offers psychic readings and spells for his clients. You can learn more below:

Have you ever wanted to find a psychic or an astrologer, but didn't know where to find one?

Written by the internationally acclaimed psychical researcher, Gary Williams, author of A Walk on the Wild Side: One Man's Experiences with Psychic Phenomena, you will find that The Miracle Workers: The World's Psychic Consultants is a complete A to Z directory of psychics, mediums and astrologers worldwide, all of whom Gary Williams knows personally and has had readings from.

  • What to do - and what not to do - when sitting with a medium or psychic
  • How to avoid cold readers who pose as mediums
  • How to get the most out of a psychic or medium reading

There is also a sample reading done on Mr Williams by each psychic or medium listed in the book.

One man's experiences with psychic phenomena

" this point I knew that a paranormal voice, totally independent from the medium, was speaking in mid-space in my blacked-out bedroom. The next question would be, 'who was speaking?'" A Walk On The Wild Side is a compilation of Gary Williams' experiences with paranormal and psychic phenomena over a fifty year period. It includes his involvement with the UFO phenomena, predictions of the future made to him by psychics that came true years later, and his encounters with ghosts and poltergeists.

The shocking truth about life after death!

In Williams' book, Death's Aftershock, he explores the work of some of the greatest psychics of all time...

The question of life after death is really a matter of physics, not religion... facts, not faith.

Discover Death's Aftershock for those who need incontrovertible truth, and want to better understand what really happens after we die...

Do you want to Learn about your Future?


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