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Precognition---what does it really mean? The dictionary defines it as " knowledge of a future event or situation thus using extrasensory perception. " It is known as having "future visions, " such as the soothsayer (astrologer, psychic) in ancient Rome who predicted that Julius Caesar would be assassinated on the "ides of March." On March 15 (the ides of March) in 44 BC, Julius Caesar was stabbed to death. Not only did Caesar have a soothsayer, but in ancient times astrologers, prophets and psychics  were found in the courts of Kings and Queens who consulted them. 

In the dark ages astrology was kept hidden because it was illegal to read or practice it. The word "occult" means hidden as well as supernatural, mystical and magical powers or phenomena and relates to astrology or any system claiming the use of knowledge to secret or to a supernatural presence which is beyond the use of ordinary knowledge or understanding.

It is mysterious to the majority of people and the title of this book (The Foreseeable Future: The Mystery of Precognition)  by Gary Williams is appropriate for the masses. He is a leading authority on the paranormal after spending forty years in paranormal areas. Gary has had first-hand experience with many psychic and astrological readers who supposedly used precognition. I admire his great service to society for exposing the quacks and informing the public what to expect from a reading. This knowledge can forewarn people from wasting their money, time and emotions from seeking a consultation with a charlatan.

Psychic Readings

Gary Williams has been an award winning writer, radio and television host who has known Julia Child, Vincent Price and many other famous celebrities.Years ago, I appeared on many television shows  such as Johnny Carson and numerous others all over the USA. Unfortunately, I did not get to appear on a show with Gary Williams. We could have had some interesting conversations since we both know astrology.

People are interested in knowing what is going to happen, especially in troubled times. Thus they make the rounds to astrologers and psychics. I have been a professional astrologer for 62 years and have never used extrasensory perception. 

Some of my predictions that came true: In the May 8,1981 issue of Oggi magazine In Italy, I predicted that  Princess Diana and Prince Charles were not compatible, their marriage would not last and much more; Glenn Close the actress came to me for a reading and I told her that she would be nominated for an Oscar; I told Geraldine Saunders, the author of the book "Love  Boat" that a television series would be produced based on her book.

In 1988. I told Francine K---that she would win the lottery--she won 7 million dollars. In 1980, I gave  Gail Howard (a commodities broker) 10 winning Gold Trades in the Commodity Futures market and not one was a loser. Her net profit was $775, 380.00.

In June 1984, I appeared in Baltimore, Maryland on the People Are Talking Television show. It was co-hosted by Oprah Winfrey and in between commercials, I told Oprah that her entire life was about to change. Three months later, she went to Chicago and hosted the AM Chicago show and the rest is history. However, when I appeared for one hour (I was the only guest) on this live audience show, I told the audience about my check gimmick to make money.

Bill had a neighbor who heard me on the show and she told him about my check gimmick. He followed the instructions I gave and in three days won the Million Dollar Lottery. The next month (July 1984), Bill appeared on the show and told Oprah and the audience that he attributed Lynne Palmer's check gimmick to his winning the lottery. (These instructions are given in my annual Astrological Almanac.)

I have done the horoscopes of over 100  celebrities such as Diane von Furstenburg, Gloria Vanderbilt, Jose Ferrer, Cassandra Wilson (the singer) Dione Warwick. Also, I have given readings to a countess, prince and two princesses. Mickey Rooney was my friend and client for over 60 years. I predicted his successful opening in Sugar Babies on Broadway in New York City as well as other predictions. I dated Joe. E. Lewis, a comedian who Frank Sinatra portrayed in the biographical movie The Joker is Wild. Frank Sinatra liked to joke and he enjoyed (n his New York City penthouse apartment) putting a broom over my head and saying, "OK, witch, tell me about my future."

I had a wonderful time going out with Frank, Mia Farrow, Liza Minnelli and others as well as doing their horoscopes. Often, Mia would be making a movie in Hollywood and so I took her place when Joe. E and I went out to dinner with Sinatra. I was out with Ava Gardner a few times (Frank was divorced from her) and in her hotel room she called her sister to get her time of birth so I could o her horoscope. I became friends with many of the celebrities who received readings from me. As an astrologer, it is easy to be in the company of, and do readings for, the rich and famous.

The Foreseeable Future: The Mystery of Precognition by Gary Williams is a much-needed book that everyone should read. The paranormal, including astrology, is a mystery that the majority of people do not comprehend. They cannot understand how it works--but it does work! An astrologer or psychic reader who can foresee the future can benefit many  people from making mistakes such as having surgery on bad  dates and periods to avoid accidents. This book is as informative as it is interesting and I believe should be read by everyone.

Lynne Palmer

Las Vegas, Nevada

1 April, 2018

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