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Destiny brought you here for a reason.
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Gary is a gifted and intuitive psychic who has worked as a professional Psychic and investigative journalist in psychic phenomenon for over 40 years.

A psychic medium phone reading with Gary will tell you the outcome of your current problems or questions. He has answers on sex, love, romance, insight, health, dreams, dating, the answers are waiting for you right now to get your live telephone psychic readings.

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US: (231) 307-5670 - UK: (0207) 993-4270
Email: [email protected]
Special Notice: No refunds are given for missed or partial appointments. Appointments can be rescheduled only at the discretion of the psychic. Please ensure you will be available during the time you say you will be available.
Divination, Consultations, Spiritual Counseling, and Magical Coaching:

30 minutes: $75
60 minute: $150

Vigil Candle Setting: $55
Perpetual Tea Light Setting: $150
Honey Jars: $500
Divination, Readings, and Spiritual Advice
Tarot Readings, Oracle Card Readings, 1/2 hour or 1 hour, by phone or in person
Candle Reading, Candle Glass Divination, and Candle Wax Divination

​Payment is into either Wells Fargo Bank or if you don´t have one near you, a bank transfer to my bank. Email for payment details [email protected]

Please do not call me asking for free work!


Receive insight from a more elevated place and see things more clearly
Prepare for the future to move forward with confidence on a major decision
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