Gary has written books on the paranormal, appeared on television shows and movies, and offers psychic readings and spells for his clients. You can learn more below:
Gary Williams Psychic
Also known as Psychic G or Psychic Gary, Gary has worked as a professional Psychic and investigative journalist in psychic phenomenon for over 30 years.

Internationally acclaimed psychic, medium, tarot reader, astrologer. His clients are from a wide cross section of professions and occupations that include actors, authors, designers, journalists, politicians, and people from all walks of life from all over the world.

As a psychic he has an uncanny gift for predicting the future as well as a disarming ability to look into the heart and soul of an individual. Gary works in an altered state and provides incredibly accurate insights.

would you like to understand more about love, your career, undiscovered talents and skills? Gary is especially skilled in the area of romantic relationships and will tell you the outcome of your current problems.
Gary has not only written many magazine articles, appeared on numerous radio & television shows and is an award winning broadcaster, but he has also famously written and produced three highly acclaimed books on the subject.

He has worked with the Edgar Cayce Foundation, otherwise known as The Association for Research & Enlightenment. A close personal friend and confident of Hugh Lynn Cayce, the son of the Famous, Edgar Cayce.
Gary Williams in interview
He is most famous for his incredibly Accurate Psychic Ability, coupled with a strong scientific approach to psychic power. Having been renowned for his own psychic talents since a young age, his control is now tempered with experience and compassion. Gary is the chosen psychic of other top psychics and clairvoyants across the world as well as a leading authority on life after death and furthering psychic understanding.

Many famous Hollywood Stars, Celebrities, Business leaders as well as others seek out Gary’s advice. Both in the USA and the UK, Gary’s Special Psychic Clairvoyant Powers are tested daily for the answers to a myriad of life’s questions. From Romance and Relationships to Careers, Finance or simply for deep rooted Worries and Concerns that slow progress.


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