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Gary Williams is an awarding winning author, and radio and television host, as well as the leading authority on the paranormal, having spent 40 years researching ghosts, mediums, life after death, flying saucers, conspiracy theories, and cover-ups.

Widely traveled, Gary has consulted and tested hundreds of psychics, mediums, healers, and other individuals who claim to possess paranormal abilities.

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Gary has written books on the paranormal, appeared on television shows and movies, and offers psychic readings and spells for his clients. You can learn more below:

1. One hour psychic reading $125. Testimonials on request
2. No free questions
3. No complimentary readings

1. Love reunion spell $350. Fourteen night casting. Testimonials on request
2. No free spells
3. Will discuss your case with you, but discussing your case is not the same as a reading

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Testimonials from His Clients

Here are just a few words that Gary's clients have said about him and his services.

In September 2000 I went to see Gary with a friend. He gave me a very precise and detailed reading that left me stunned. He was insistent that I was about to leave a thirty year marriage and even told me the week in March 2001 when it would happen. I had at the time no intention of leaving my husband. I was far from happy but couldn't see a way out. Gary assured me that i would leave and that I would have help to do it.

Over the next few weeks I was constantly on the look out for the grey haired man who was going to be a big part of my future. The only man, other than my husband, that I had any contact with was Paul, an alcoholic, whose wife of ten months had been killed in a dreadful car accident. Paul had been badly injured and had turned up in Spain to escape the memories and to drink himself to death. Something he very nearly succeeded in doing.

On December 12, the anniversary of his wife's death, he drank so excessively that he had a haemorrhage of the oesophagus and was rushed into hospital. His first wife Sue came to Spain to help look after him, and the two of us went to his house to clean and prepare it for when he was allowed home. He returned in the New Year completely free of alcohol and looking like a different person. Every couple of days I would walk my dogs over to his house to check up on him. Then in February disaster stuck and I found him haemorrhaging again.

He was rushed into intensive care where once again, against the doctors predictions, he pulled through. It was now obvious that he couldn't return home to live alone. So, during the week in March, as Gary had predicted and with Sue's help I left my husband and on discharge day collected Paul from the hospital and started a new life with him.

Thank you Gary

Renee Million

Marbella, Spain

I want to take this chance to say something about Gary Williams and his work. You can go on the internet and find all kinds of people who say this or that about what they claim to be able to do. But ask them for a reference they can call up or e-mail and you get a blank wall. With Gary he will give you a phone number or two and also several e-mails from past clients. These people will tell you that unlike the majority of fake spell casters on the internet his stuff works. My husband and I got back together even when divorce papers had been filed.

Tiffany Long

I have nothing but praise for Gary and his work. Why pay a hundred dollars to some idiot who tells you that in a few days that you will be back together when all they do is take your money and you never hear from them again. Gary delivers and yes it takes a few weeks but Rome wasn’t built in a day. By the time you have thrown your money away on the “48 hour guarantee” people you could have spent more and had the job done properly

Elaine Maddox

I had a difficult case: My husband had left the home six months prior due to midlife crisis. He was livid over our arguments & only wanted to communicate regarding the kids During the 1st two weeks of the spell I received Divorce Papers I refused to lose my husband to midlife confusion! Gary began two weeks of Ceremonial Magic & on the 14th day (Feb 1st 2013), my husband text me that night that “he missed me”.Gary & I had already agreed that my difficult case needed a stronger magic so he performed two more weeks of advanced rituals (Hermetic Magic). By the 4th day of the Hermetic , my husband & I were in full communication & he asked to spend time with me. After the 10th day of this second casting – my husband was very much around and back in my life. He was even confused as to why his feelings changed. Towards the end of the second casting I agreed for Gary to make a Talisman for me. The Talisman would lock in the casting and I requested it to make our love and relationship stronger (because my husband still had some fickle moments). I’ve had the talisman for 6 days now (and have been carrying it my pocket as instructed) waiting for it to bring about my requests. Gary has permission to give you my email address if you would like to contact me.

Tracie Casillas

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