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The Miracle Healer of Santa Fe

Edgar Cayce was called the Miracle Man of Virginia Beach. I want to tell you about another healer, L.D. Porter who is truly the Miracle Healer of Santa Fe. After suffering a painful lower back problem, I contacted L.D. Porter at He gave me several absent healings over the telephone at which time all the pain was gone. I was in such bad shape that I couldn't mow the lawn.

There are new prophets and new healers appearing on the horizon. Cayce has been replaced by another Miracle Man. L. D. Porter. How does it work? I don't know. The experience was like climbing Mt. Everest. When you get to the top you look down and realize where you've been. Andre Gregory says in "My Dinner With Andre", "Not everybody can go to Everest. Some of us have to settle for the cigar store on Seventh Avenue." The "cigar store" represnts the average person's daily life until he or she has the Everest experience. I had the Everest experience. And although I never had dinner with Andre I understand completely what he means. L. D. Porter is one of those people who can take us to Everest when we are ready to go.