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In my new book, Death's Aftershock, I explore the work of some of the greatest psychics of all time...

The question of life after death is really a matter of physics, not religion... facts, not faith.

For those who need incontrovertible truth, I offer the Leslie Flint tapes as a starting point. These audio recordings provide phenomenal food for thought. Flint was the most tested medium in the world.

For those with a scientific need, I offer the bold work of physicist Michio Kaku who continues to work in the field of Quantum Physics. It is in this field that the majority of the answers reside... There are multiple dimensions out there to consider... have you really considered them all. Time, Space and the basic studies around the transfer of energy...

My work as a psychic researcher provides the skeptic with authentic proof and the believer with comfort in the knowledge that there is another side to life as we know it.

The work and the results presented are not without controversy, however. Though it points to the fact that there is another dimension to life after death, it may not match our current religious or scientific thinking about the topic. Heaven and Hell are up for grabs if you read and truly understand the work that has been done. The fact that there IS something beyond this life is not

I invite you to join me in my journey as a seeker of the truth.

Download Chapter 1 of Death's Aftershock: pdf, epub

Praise for his book, Death's Aftershock

"This book makes an excellent case for survival of the "soul" after death. As with flying saucers, the ever noisy negativists refuse to examine the evidence."
Stanton T. Friedman, Physicist and C-author of "Science Was Wrong", New Page Books 2010

"Gary Williams presents fascinating anecdotal and scientific evidence suggesting that the 'impossibilists' are wrong. He cracks open the door to the uncomfortable"truth" that mainstream scientific materialism and traditional religious dogmas cannot explain how the universe works, by presenting evidence that discarnate intelligence is real...A riveting read for any interested in the near death experiences, the immortal soul, astral projection and reincarnation."
Kathleen Marden, Coauthor of "Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience", New Page Books, 2010

"This book is well documented, and regarding many of the true advocates we will never see the likes of again. It is a must read for both the learner and the learned alike. We can all derive much from Gary's hard work. Well done!"
Honor Church UK,