Author, Lecturer, Television Personality, & Paranormal Expert


Gary Williams is an award winning writer, psychic and radio host. Interested in psychical research all his life, he is the author of three books on the paranormal - A LIFE BEYOND DEATH, THE FORESEEBALE FUTURE and DEATH'S AFTERSHOCK: THE SHOCKING TRUTH ABOUT LIFE AFTER DEATH. He has worked as a radio talk show host on paranormal subjects both at WBT in Charlotte, North Carolina and on BBC Radio 4 in London, UK.

Born in Virgina Beach, Virgina, home of the famous trance channel Edgar Cayce. He began studying astrology in 1970 in Virginia Beach, and two years later undertook psychic development classes at the Edgar Cayce Foundation. In 1973, he began work as a professional astrologer and moved to Boston, where he studied under Isabel Hickey, author of Astrology: A Cosmic Science. This lead to further studies in tarot and psychic development at the college of Psychic Studies in London. Gary divides his time between writing and lecturing.

In 1985, Gary became interested in the concept of provable scientific evidence for life after death. In 1988, he met British medium Leslie Flint, who was able to produce independently from his mouth and vocal organs the voices of people who have died. Further research disclosed that Flint was successfully tested by the SPR (Society For Psychical Research). The voices emanated in open space approximately three feet from his head. Gary began work on his ground breaking book, A LIFE BEYOND DEATH in 1988, a book which discussed the subject of death with scientific research apart from religious dogma. A LIFE BEYOND DEATH was published in 1989 in London. A sequel, DEATH'S AFTERSHOCK came out in January 2011. The premise of the book is that the time has come to tell the truth and to allow humanity to know that religious beliefs are not necessary for an entrance into heaven. Utilizing more than 500 Leslie Flint recordings he has assembled an astonishing abundance of proof from after-death communicators who tell in their own words what happened when they died and what they are doing now on "The Other Side" Not a single communicator indicated that religion played a part in the afterlife.

He lectures widely on the subject of life after death. During his lectures he plays selected portions of various Leslie Flint recordings. The communicators vary from the famous to the man in the street. He has been a guest on numerous radio shows, where he discusses the subject of life after death, mediumship, and precognition.